This web log is dedicated to Private First Class Denicio (Denisio) Macogay, 45th Infantry Regiment (Philippine Scouts), and all the other the brave Filipino and American defenders of the Philippines in World War II.  PFC Macogay earned the Bronze Star for his service and sacrifice during World War II.  It’s purpose is to remember him and those who served in the Bataan Campaign of 1942.  May their courage, service and sacrifice always be an inspiration to those who cherish freedom.

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  1. The caption to the B-17E photo that states, “Some of the crewmen and one of the two B-17s that returned safely to Australia from the Philippines” is incorrect. The men shown are Frank Bostrom and the crew that came to Australia from Hawaii with him in February 1942. The aircraft is 41-2416, which was damaged at Townsville a few days later and stripped for parts. (The Royce raid B-17Es were 41-2421, 41-2447 and 41-2486).

  2. In memory of my relatives:
    Corporal Mariano Suarez Marfa (Grandfather)
    Corporal Pedro Oxonian
    Private Luis Narag Cruz
    Private Marcelo Narag Cruz (Luis & Marcelo were twin brothers)
    All were Philippine Scouts, US Army 45th Infantry.
    “Strong to Endure”
    Mabuhay ang Philippine Scouts!

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