Remembering Bataan’s Veterans

The National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. honors the World War II generation who defended our freedom and liberty in a global conflict.  It commemorates the service of more than 16 million who served in uniform, the 400,000 who sacrificed their lives, and all those involved in the war effort.   See the Memorial website for more information, at:

The World War II Memorial also sponsors the World War II Registry, an electronic database of Americans who served in the war.  This registry actually has three official databases containing the names of those killed and missing in the war.  It has a fourth database, called the Registry of Remembrances, which is an unofficial record of service and tributes to men and women who served in WWII.  According to Ms. Aileen Garra Lim, whose father served in the China-Burma-India Theater, “Any WWII veterans, can register themselves, and any WWII veterans, descendants or other entities may honor a WWII veteran and may also submit a photo by mail or online and are encouraged to do so.”  (Hat tip to Ms. Lim!)  You can view the webpage for these registries at:

 A number of Bataan’s Veterans are now honored in this Registry of Remembrances, for example, you can see

Willibald C. Bianchi

John D. Bulkely

Jose C. Calugas, Sr.

William E. Dyess

Edwin P. Ramsey

Please consider contributing to the WWII Memorial’s Registry of Remembrances in honor of a Bataan veteran!


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