Images of the Airmen of Bataan

Aircraft mechanics from the Headquarters Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group and 17th Pursuit Squadron pose with a Curtiss P-40E in a camouflaged revetment at Bataan Field, January, 1942.  From left to right, front row:  Charles Parman, Alan Waite, Brown Davidson, Henry McCracken, William Miller, Melvin Dixon, Lyall Dillon; middle row:  Marcus Keithley, Jesse White, Ellis Holcomb, Chester Brown, Louis Tome, Michael Tardivo, Sid Wilkinson, John Dujenski; back row:  Earl Akers, Richard Hunn, John O’Neal, Louis Myers, Clarence Hatzer, Henry Blair, William Alvis.  Dujenski, Keithley, White and Wilkinson had just returned to aviation duty from the west coast fighting at Quinauan Point. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Linda Dahl, Lewiston, Idaho; mechanic’s full names via Mr. William Bartsch)


General Douglas MacArthur (left) pins a Distinguished Service Cross on Captain Jesús A. Villamor of the Philippine Army Air Corps, one of two DSCs he received for heroism in the air in early actions in December, 1941.  Villamor volunteered to pilot a Stearman 76D3 biplane trainer on February 9, 1942 for a hazardous reconnaissance mission over the Ternate area on the south coast of Manila Bay.  (Photo from Jesús A. Villamor article on Wikipedia, photo appears to be originally credited to US Army)

Captain William E. Dyess, Commander of the 21st Pursuit Squadron, at Bataan Field, March 2, 1942, the day he wreaked havoc on Japanese shipping at Subic Bay. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for this action.  (U.S. Air Force Photo)


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